Tenax BM is a carbon fiber and is used for satellites.
Tenax BM boasts an excellent vibration damping ability, preventing deformations in the severe environment of space.
As this characteristic helps stabilize the shape of sports items, it is suitable for athletes with control-type playing.

  • Fiber with high modulus of elasticity

    Helps stabilize the shape of sports items

  • Excellent vibration damping

    Prevents unsteadiness of sports items and absorbs vibration

  • Deployed in satellites

    State-of-art material / High performance


Products using Tenax BM

Product features

01High rigidity and vibration-damping ability

High vibration damping ability helps stabilize the shape of sports items

■Amplitude damped under a uniform load

Shows the fiber’s vibration-damping ability (the change of amplitude over time) after an initial uniform load is applied to a test piece mounted with the fiber lined up at an angle of 0 degrees.
In comparison to our benchmark product, Tenax BM has shown initial amplitude of less than 1/4 as well as fast damping speeds.
This shows excellent vibration-damping ability of Tenax BM.
As demonstrated and supported by high rigidity and vibration-damping ability, the excellent stability of Tenax BM – a material used in satellites – is its most outstanding characteristic.

02Highly elastic

Minimizes deformation even against a strong force

■Mechanical features

Generally speaking, materials with high modulus of elasticity (= hardness) tend to be weaker (= less durability).
However, compared to our benchmark product, Tenax BM has achieved a modulus of elasticity that is 70% higher, despite its strength being 10% lower.
With a high modulus of elasticity, Tenax BM offers CFRP* with excellent rigidity (resistance to deformations).

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